Enjoy the view of Lake Geneva


Natural border between France and Switzerland, located between Jura and the Alps, Lake Geneva (Lake Léman) is one of the greatest natural intersection of Europe.

Lake Geneva , between Switzerland and France, seen from Yvoire in Haute-Savoie.

Lake Geneva, source of joy

In the morning, the singing of the birds is melting in the lapping of the waves. The sun is reflecting on Lake Geneva, and set alight the mountains around. Enjoy these magical moments!

In the afternoon, it’s time to dive and have a swim in the lake, or simply dream and gaze around. In the evening, nothing is more enjoyable than contemplating the mountains and the lake, being caressed by the sunset.

At any time, Lake Geneva is a source of pleasure…

Navigate on Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is an ancestral way of trade and entry in the heart of the Alps. Ship transport used to be more important than earth transport.

Navigation is now mainly attached to pleasure activities (sailing boats, motor boats…). The Lake Geneva General Navigation Company (CGN) manages a transport service both for border workers and for tourists who visit the region during summer.

Arriving to Yvoire in a Belle Epoque boat is one the most beautiful ways to enjoy the sight of the village.

Pictures of Lake Geneva

You’ve taken some pictures of Lake Geneva (Lake Leman), at Yvoire or around the lake?
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Sunrise over Lake Geneva and the Alps.
CGN boat on Lake Geneva
Yvoire from the Lake Léman

The Alps seen from the lake during summer time off the coast of Yvoire.
In the port of Yvoire on Lake Geneva in spring.

One of the biggest lakes of Europe

Former glacial valley, the basin of Léman is now filled with waters from the Rhône who begins from the Pennine Alps and ends in the Mediterranean sea.

Lake Geneva is a true internal sea like its impressive dimensions show:

  • 13,8 kilometers large (between Amphion and Morges)
  • 72,3 kilometers long
  • 89 billion cubic meters of water
  • 309,7 meters deep
  • 580,1 square kilometers of surface
  • Its waters are renewed within 11 years and 5 months in average

The water level of Lake Geneva is now fixed thanks to the Geneva dam constructed in 1886. It allows to manage the level fluctuations of the lake considering the output of the rivers which is feeding it. In winter and spring, the level of the lake is lower in order to anticipate the ice melting from the summits around.

Activities in Yvoire

Yvoire : the TOP 10 Things to Do

  1. Garden of Five Senses
  2. Yvoire castle
  3. Fortified medieval village
  4. Flowers and old rocks
  5. Lake Geneva
  6. Yvoire from the lake
  7. Saint Pancras church
  8. Village history
  9. Local specialities
  10. La Châtaignière – Rovorée Domain

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