Awaken your 5 senses in a remarkable garden in the heart of Yvoire

Remarkable garden When walking in the alleys of the medieval village of Yvoire, go through Rue du Lac which leads down to the castle and the fishing port. You will get to the Labyrinth – the Garden of the Five Senses.

Genuine green gem in the heart of the village, this natural little piece of heaven is classified Remarkable Garden by the ministry of Culture and Communication.

The Garden of the Five Senses in Yvoire

Breathe, admire, swallow, touch, listen
You 5 senses are awake !

This labyrinth of arbors and faded apple trees marks out the small appealing gardens where plants and flowers all match to your five senses. Among more than 1300 varieties of plants, you’ll able for instance to :

  • Touch from the back of your hand the soft the Primula Auricula through Touch
  • Contemplate the deep blue of the clematises in the square of Sight
  • Inhale the perfume of a “pineapple” sage in the square of Smelling
  • Rediscover the savors of the “homemade jams” of your childhood with the fruits and vegetables of Taste
  • Close your eyes and let the singing of birds soothe you as well as the lapping of the fountains: Hearing is everywhere.

You’ve taken some beautiful pictures of the Labyrinth and the village of Yvoire?

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Your visit of the Gardens of Yvoire

Meet the gardeners

During your visit, you’ll be able to meet and ask questions to the gardeners. They take care of the labyrinth every day and they will also advise you and inform you while sharing their joy and their savoir-faire in botany.

Raspberry in the gardens of Yvoire.

A raspberry to taste in the Labyrinth, a delight for both palate and eyes.

A medial inspired creation

Loyal to the spirit of the village, the Garden of Five Senses is inspired by medieval gardens. In Middle Age, gardens were above all useful spaces used for eating and healing through medicinal plants.

The gardens in the castle were a source of pleasure and lounging; preserved behind walls, they were the symbol of the Garden of Eden. Very symbolic flowers were to be found like lilies, columbines and roses…

Hurry slowly

Take your time to discover everything. Visit for at least an hour if you want to enjoy fully. Take the time to observe, to dream while respecting the motto of all gardeners: Festina lente (Hurry slowly).

Pictures of Yvoire’s Garden of Five Senses

The Labyrinth of Five Senses in Yvoire: the cloister.

The Labyrinth – Garden of Five Senses in front of Yvoire castle. In the foreground, the medieval cloister.

Garden of the Five Senses in Yvoire: the tulips.

Flowered tulips in spring.

Garden of the Five Senses in Yvoire: the bath of the birds.

The birds are cooling off in the cloister’s fountain.

Garden of the Five Senses in Yvoire: the tree peony.

A tree peony in the Garden.