Immerse yourself in the history of the medieval village of Yvoire


To immerse yourself in the history of Yvoire and understand the current village better considering the centuries that have been shaping it, don’t forget to visit the House of History, located in the Grande Rue.

Detail of the model of Yvoire castle (by Alain Guichardot) in the House of History.

Visit the House of History

Created in 2006 for the village 700th anniversary, the House of History allows to discover the richness of Yvoire heritage through the archives and documents founding the town.

To discover this museum, nothing is more simple: just subscribe at the tourist office of Yvoire which will give you all the information you need to follow the Guides du Patrimoine des Pays de Savoie‘s explanations during guided visits around the village.

Discovering the history of Yvoire

The village was fortified by the Comte de Savoie Amédée V at the beginning of the 14th century. The castle, military fortress used to house a garrison and watch the navigation on the lake and was built along with the village fortifications (ramparts and fortified gates).

Models and archives of Yvoire

The House of History presents models of the village and the castle which allow to understand better Yvoire’s organization during the Middle Age.

You will also discover some archive documents, precious sources about the history and life of the village in this era, for example:

  • The Trading Act against the Marin Chapel Manor House and Mestralie de Thonon which was decided in 1306 between the Comte de Savoie and the Compey family who then owned Yvoire.
  • The Châtellenie Accounts from 1306 till 1307 which make the inventory of the revenues and spending of the châtelaine.
  • The Extente in 1333, which is like the census of this era. This document describes the population submitted to the chatelaine, the list of houses and cultivated fields.

The House of History is a true support to a clever discovery of village of Yvoire.

The history of Yvoire in pictures

If you too have taken some beautiful pictures of the village of Yvoire, you can share them via Instagram with the hashtag #yvoire.

The drawbrigde of Yvoire castle and its crenels seen from Rue du Lac.
One of the fortified gates and the ramparts of Yvoire, witnesses of the history of the medieval city.
The entry of the House of History in the Grande Rue in Yvoire.
Model representing the history of Yvoire castle made by artist Alain Guichardot.

Activities in Yvoire

Yvoire : the TOP 10 Things to Do

  1. Garden of Five Senses
  2. Yvoire castle
  3. Fortified medieval village
  4. Flowers and old rocks
  5. Lake Geneva
  6. Yvoire from the lake
  7. Saint Pancras church
  8. Village history
  9. Local specialities
  10. La Châtaignière – Rovorée Domain

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